Today I analysed a film created by LCF student, Hannah West, to promote a John Rocha SS11 collection. I documented my research inside my journal alongside visuals of the film. From my research, I particularly liked how the clips were edited fast to fit in with the pace of the film and I feel this is something I could improve on in my own samples. I also liked the idea of projecting a moving image onto an object to create a silhouette shown through the dancer’s movements in this film. I would like to explore projection myself using my own theme of ‘Art in Fashion’. Tomorrow, I would like to produce samples of filming projection but highlighting a fashion garment and creating a silhouette from that. If I have time, I could perhaps begin editing this with some of my previous experimental samples. I think it is also important now that i begin to chose my backing soundtrack for my film so I can begin filming knowing what shots I need to fit in with the music. I plan to chose this over the next few days.


After having difficulties rendering my film on Premiere Plus, I have finally created a sample taking inspiration from Miguel Jiron’s ‘Paint Showers’ explored in my journal. After researching ‘Paint Showers’, I was inspired to create film samples of ink dropping into water. I then edited these samples together in Premiere Pro where I experimented with effects such as opacity, levels, crop, mirror, speed alteration and cross dissolve. As well as testing my skills in Premiere Pro and also experimenting with this technique, I wanted to practice applying my clips to sync with background music and sounds. I chose to use Wild-beast’s ‘Mecca’ as it is a song with a clear change in pace that I could mirror in my film. I feel that for a first attempt I have created an okay sample which fits with the music reasonably well and explores some interesting techniques. However, I feel that my techniques need pushing further to create a better quality and interesting film. I would therefore like to research Hannah West’s (an LCF student’s) work to push my own further as she also uses experimental methods of creating film to promote fashion. I also sought feedback from local film-maker and student lecturer at Manchester School of Art, ‘Mike J Scott’, who suggests that I improve my filming by keeping my edits short to avoid tediousness and increasing the pace of my filming. I would like to apply this to my next film sample after studying my next artist. I think it would also be beneficial to decide upon my choice of music before filming so I have an idea of the sort of clips I will be needing in my film with regards to zooming, speed, length and media.

I did make a good start to my FMP, however I have had difficulties with software compatibility and rendering times which has cut my time down significantly. I would like to catch up this time by working within holiday time next week to ensure that I get back on track with my plan stated in my statement of intent. Tomorrow, I plan to finalise my choice of music for my final film so I can begin gathering clips to fit it accordingly. I would also like to begin researching Hannah West’s promotional fashion film to help gain inspiration for my own. By the end of the day, I would like to hopefully begin filming clips for my next sample.

Here is my sixth design idea after being inspired by Rene Magritte’s ‘The King’s Museum’ and Opening Ceremony’s FW14 collection. The shape and style of my garment has been inspired by Topshop Unique’s SS14 collection which showcased garments with a floaty silhouette. The bust part of my garment will be made from a natural white cotton which I shall dye by hand with diluted fabric paint explored in my previous samples. The floaty skirt part of my garment will also be made from natural white cotton but shall be dyed using a mixture of wallpaper paste and coloured inks. Using Rene Magritte’s fascination with places everyday objects in unnatural surroundings, I have decided to place objects associated with British Summertime onto my dress in an appliqué style fashion. I have dabbed diluted fabric paint onto fabric using colours of the object but allowing them to run to create a ‘washed out’ feel. I have then stitched the outline of these objects over the merged colours. I am very happy with these samples as I feel that successfully portray my theme whilst creating something unique and interesting. I would like to develop these samples into a final design idea, combining all the best parts of my garments so far.

Here is my fifth design idea after being inspired by both Rene Magritte and Opening Ceremony’s FW14 collection. I have developed one of my earlier samples into a co-ord design, a key trend for SS14. The strap-y crop top shown in my design idea will be made from a hessian fabric with blue embellished felt to create the ‘summer sky’ colour. I have then applied scattered appliqué tea-cups in a typical ‘Golconda’ style whilst relating it to my British theme. I have added quaint details typical of British tea-cups such as the blue, floral fabric and delicate pink thread. For the skirt part of my garment, I have used a thick wool fabric in order to embellish the blue fibres to create a rich ‘summer sky’ colour. I have then stitched tea-cups back into my fabric. I like the idea of this garment however I feel that previous samples are much stronger. I would also like to re-evaluate my fabric choices as heavy fabrics would not be suitable for Summer and don’t really fit in with up-and-coming SS14 trends. I could possibly adapt my co-ord design to include my stronger samples and more appropriate fabrics for my final designs.

Here I have produced my fourth design idea taking particular inspiration from Opening Ceremony’s FW14 collection researched in my journal. After producing samples exploring both detailed and simplified faces after looking at Opening Ceremony’s collection, I chose to apply the repeated simplified face to my design as it is fast to produce on a large scale, visually effective and unique as these are my own ‘doodles’. I also applied the face to my sample of dyed fabric where I used diluted fabric paint to create a ‘washed out’ effect mirroring my British Summertime theme in a humorous way. This sample produced from natural, white cotton will form the base of my dress in which I took inspiration from Paul Smith SS14 collection where boyish, loose-fitted shapes were used. For the sleeves, I have designed a floaty organza style inspired by Topshop Unique’s SS14 collection. Overall I really like this design as it is unique and really adopts my theme of surrealism. I would still like to produce some more ideas and samples however before designing my final ideas.

Here I have produced my third design idea with samples taking inspiration from both Rene Magritte and Opening Ceremony FW14. I have designed both a top and a pair of shorts. For the top, I chose to take inspiration from Rene Magritte’s ‘The Great War’ which I explored in earlier samples. The floaty, organza sleeves designed on the top were inspired by the floaty shapes seen in Topshop Unique’s SS14 collection. For the shorts, I chose to take inspiration from Opening Ceremony’s collection where they printed everyday objects onto surreal settings in true Magritte style. I chose to repeat  a simple stitched Umbrella onto my fabric to enforce the idea of British Summer always being rainy. This is also shown through my fabric dye which I explored in earlier samples as it has a ‘washed out’ feel. This particular sample was created through placing floral fabric into wallpaper paste and ink. Overall, I feel that this design idea fits into my ‘Brit Surrealism’ trend well whilst also adhering to my brief to create a SS14 capsule collection for young women. I also feel that my samples are interesting and visually pleasing whilst also maintaining a good professional quality. However, before I decide upon any final design ideas I would like to explore with further samples and ideas to try and develop my work further.


Today I began producing more samples for my film/visuals to be used for our college fashion show taking inspiration from ‘Paint Showers’ and applying it to my art in fashion theme. I feel that the samples I have produced are very visually effective and I can see definite potential for good results when I have applied effects within Premiere Pro. I planned today that I would test various media filmed dropping and diluting within water, however upon testing coloured inks I decided that the visual results produced from this were satisfactory for now. Towards the end of the day I began putting some of my clips together with transitions. I also practised editing my clips to music as this is what I plan to do for my final film. I found that this gave a particular mood to my filming and I loved the results when combined with the music. However, getting the film to fit with the music became quite time consuming and therefore I never managed to document my results within my journal or experiment ‘fully’ with effects in Premiere Pro.  I am definitely happy with today’s results as I feel that my filming is becoming more interesting visually with a mixture of colours and movement, but also my skills within Premiere Pro are improving. Tomorrow, I plan to catch up with documenting my research inside my journal as well as allowing more time to experiment with regards to editing my clips to music as not only is it good practise for my final film, it is also developing my work and may help me form further ideas or directions for further research. I also plan to finish another sample film using these clips edited together with effective transitions, effects and music.


During my fourth day of my FMP, I wrote up a thorough evaluation on my previous sample. Today being my fifth college day of my project, I began looking at my next planned artist; Miguel Jiron. I have created a thorough research page inside my journal documenting techniques and effective procedures used in Jiron’s short ‘Paint Showers’ shown above. I feel that this artist has inspired me to develop further the process of using art effects/mark-making within film. Tomorrow, I would like to create my own samples from this artist firstly exploring different media dropped into water and then applying this to a film using similar techniques to Jiron. I shall also document this inside my journal.



Today as planned, I began to experiment with techniques after being inspired by Alexander McQueen’s SS08 fashion show visuals. Initially, my idea was to experiment with the use of symmetry, climaxing pace and sound seen in McQueen’s show. However, I began to play around with ink to represent my ‘Art in Fashion’ theme which led to a more weighted approach to making symmetrical/reflected patterns. I used an A1 sheet of paper, blow-dryer, Panasonic camera, black ink and Adobe Premier Pro to create abstract patterns with the ink. i feel as though I have made beneficial progress today as not only have I achieved pleasing results with exciting room for development, but I have established a software that is effective and compatible to use. Initially within my statement of intent, I planned on using iMovie to create my film and visuals. However, upon creating small clips and samples i found that my film files were not compatible with this software so I acted quickly to find a replacement. Although this software is completely new to me, I have quickly learnt how to add clips, transitions, effects and sounds to my work and can continue to develop my skills with this software through the help of art technicians and tutorials throughout my project.

So far, I have received feedback from a college tutor on advise for further research into experimental film making. My tutor has suggested researching the film 'Paint Showers' by Miguel Jiron due to it’s experimental art effect qualities. From the developments from yesterday’s research, I have decided that I would like to focus more on the experimental art qualities to film instead of directly looking into fashion shows/film to inspire my own therefore I would like to research the film shown to me by my tutor. Tomorrow, I would like to document today’s experiments inside my journal alongside a thorough evaluation into my sample visuals/film. If I have time, I would like to gain a better understanding of my chosen software by playing around with footage to see what visuals I can create.


I began my research today by looking at Alexander McQueen’s SS08 fashion show inspired by the glamour defined by Isabella Blow. I first viewed this show at the Isabella Blow exhibition in London at Somerset House and I fell in love with both the set and collection. As I’m wanting to create either visuals or a fashion film to be played behind our college fashion show, I analysed how the bird-like set was put together so effectively. From my research, I gathered that the visuals played upon clever lighting encrusted within a metal framework. The lighting is visually effective as not only is it symmetrical, but it reflects off the catwalk in a hazy blue light. I also like how the bird visuals fit in with the sound effects and climaxes into twinkling lights and fitting music as the models begin walking. I think that my research today has been very beneficial as not only has it given me an insight into a catwalk show that uses successful visuals, but it has shown me that I need to move at a quicker pace throughout my project if I intend to stick to what I planned to do in my statement of intent. Tomorrow, I plan to develop some of my own sample visuals using the idea of symmetry, climaxing pace and sound whilst linking it to my theme of art in fashion. I would like to dedicate part of the day into finding a relevant software either to produce a stop-frame animation or a small clip/film. I will document any processes inside my journal and any results, if any are achieved, onto my youtube account.


Today I began my FMP after completing a statement of intent establishing what I plan to achieve throughout the coming weeks. I started my project by creating a trend board on ‘Art In Fashion’: a key trend for SS14. For my fashion film/visuals and accompanying illustrations, photography and graphics work, I would like this to be a main influence. I created a fashion illustration of ACNE’s SS14 editorial campaign altering it into my own style of working through mark-making and fine-liner; a technique explored throughout my experimental stage. I then began to gather photographic sources of influences on SS14, collections from SS14 and anything relating to art and fashion such as Manolo Blahnik’s shoe illustration. I also tried to focus on a strong use of bold colour seen in SS14 catwalks. So far, I am happy with my gathered sources into ‘Art In Fashion’ and feel this is an appropriate trend to base my final fashion show on as it relates to all student’s work as well as allowing me to explore any art techniques learnt on my foundation course and applying them directly to fashion outcomes. I have started my project at a good pace as I feel most of my time should be dedicated to development of practical skills and ideas within filming. Tomorrow I plan to research my first artist in order to gain inspiration for visuals/a film to be played behind our college fashion show.

Developing my samples from Opening Ceremony’s FW14 collection, I took inspiration from their garments by using faces in my work. I firstly free-hand machine stitched over a photograph from a magazine to create a detailed face over one of my experiments with fabric colour. I like how the stitch looks over the colour of the fabric, but I feel I would like to simplify the face to make my work look more unique and also easier to repeat multiple times over a garment. I then applied this idea to another sample using a repeated face using only the eyes, nose and lips of a human face. I really like how this sample has turned out as it is unique and has clear surrealist qualities. I would like to develop this sample further into design ideas but also create further samples that link in more with the British side of my trend.

To ‘better’ my design ideas and samples, I have researched and taken inspiration from a design house also inspired by Rene magritte: Opening Ceremony FW14 shown at LFW. From researching the collection inside my journal, I have created my own samples using my own source imagery and staying within my theme of ‘Brit Surrealism’. I started by creating samples adhering to the colour scheme used in Carol Limm and Humberto Leon’s work. I still liked the idea of mirroring the sky to gain a fitting surrealist quality. I experimented with diluted fabric paints and wallpaper paste and inks. I really like the samples I have produced here and would like to develop these further into pieces incorporating my trend/theme more. I also like how the inks used look ‘washed out’ linking it to my pun on British summertime often being wet and rainy. I think this experimental approach to creating samples will benefit my design ideas in the future and this is a next step I would like to move onto.

Here is my second design idea with sample for my Surrealism fashion design project. I was inspired once again by Surrealist painter Rene Magritte and in particular his painting ‘Golconda’ shown above. As the painting features scattered men in suits in surreal positions, I adapted this to include my theme of ‘Brit Surrealism’ by scattering typically British tea-cups over a sky-like background. I used a felting process created by an embellisher to create a typical ‘sky’ setting using white and various colours of blue wool. I then stitched over the top using a free-hand machine tea-cups with tiny pink, floral patterns developed from my research into ‘Brit Surrealism’. I like my designs and samples as it incorporates future trends for SS14 in the form of a two-piece, however I would like to develop my samples further by furthering my research into relevant artists.